Do I need a hunting license to hunt on my own land in Kentucky?

Do I need a license to hunt my own land? If you are a Kentucky resident hunting on your own property, then neither you, your spouse nor your dependent children need a license or statewide deer permit to harvest a deer. … You can make your own harvest log or print one here.

Can a game warden come on private property in Kentucky?

Ledbetter, Ky. They can come on your LAND at anytime, 24/365. Their JOB is wildlife laws and to be able to do their job they have to be able to go on anyones land to check on the wildlife. Going into someone’s home is a different mater, for that they need a warrant.

What do I need to hunt in Kentucky?

​In order to hunt in Kentucky, anyone born on our afte​r January 1, 1975 and age 12 or older must carry a Hunter Education card in their possession while hunting. The KDFWR now has a permit that allows someone to hunt without a Hunter Education card for up to one year.

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Can I hunt by myself?

When you’re hunting alone you don’t have to worry about sharing the game with anyone else. You don’t have to divide the shots evenly between you and your friends. Any deer that walks by your stand or blind is yours for the taking. You can take your shot on sight without worrying about whether it’s your turn.

Who has to have a hunting license in Kentucky?

All Kentucky residents age 12 or older must have a resident hunting license.

Can you shoot a deer from your house in KY?

Current Kentucky regulations allow hunters to hunt deer using bait while on private property. Hunting deer over bait on public property is not allowed.

Can you hunt out of season on your own property in Kentucky?

Permits for Hunting – Resident owners of farmland in Kentucky are not required to possess a permit for hunting from the Department of Wildlife when they are hunting on their own land, during open-season. The waiver also applies to the landowner’s spouse and children.

Can a felon own a crossbow in KY?

KRS 527.040 only restricts convicted felons from possession of a firearm. A crossbow does not fall under Kentucky’s definition of a firearm.

How many deer are you allowed to shoot in Kentucky?

Hunters may take up to one antlered deer and three antlerless deer, or four antlerless deer using the statewide deer permit or youth deer permit. A hunter may take as many deer as allowed for each zone. In order to take more than four deer statewide, an additional deer permit must be purchased.

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Can you hunt on Sundays in Kentucky?

Sunday hunting is allowed in Kentucky.

Can a 13 year old hunt alone?

Answer: If you have a valid junior license, you may hunt by yourself with a firearm. However, if you are using a HANDGUN, then you either need to be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult, or have the written permission of a parent. Firearms laws are contained in the California Penal Code.

Is hunting alone dangerous?

However, solo hunting comes with risks, especially if you’re covering rough terrain in an area with large predators. Safety is important during any hunt, but it becomes a matter of life or death during solo hunts.

What age should kids start deer hunting?

California. Kids in California must be at least 12 years of age to purchase a deer tag.

Do you need a fishing license on private property in Kentucky?

A property owner and spouse do not need to buy a fishing license to fish ponds on land they own as long as they are residents of Kentucky. Neither do their dependent children or tenants on farmlands where they live and work. Guests, however, must possess a valid fishing license, even blood relatives.

How old do you have to be to hunt alone in Kentucky?

Persons 15 years of age and under who hunt turkey, elk, deer or bear with a firearm must always be accompanied by an adult. Persons under 12 years old, who have pased a hunter education course, may hunt small game and furbearers without being accompanies by an adult.

Is there a limit on bluegill in Kentucky?

(b) Bluegill and sunfish daily creel limit, ten (10). (c) Catfish daily creel limit, four (4). … (b) Largemouth bass and smallmouth bass size limit, fifteen (15) inches, except that the daily creel limit may contain one (1) bass under fifteen (15) inches.

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