Do duck decoys come with weights?

If you’re new to duck decoys, each decoy you set out needs some kind of line attached to it and attached to an anchor, or weight, at the other end. … Decoy weights come in all shapes and sizes, and most hunters have a reason they like one type over the others.

How much do duck decoys weigh?

I would suspect they weigh about 8-10 ounces. Never had one get dragged away by current, that’s for sure… though they can get heavy if you’re carrying your dekes in by back power.

What is the best weight for duck decoys?

Typically, I rig 17 to 20 puddle duck decoys — a mix of gaddies, wigeon and mallards — on 4-foot lines with 4- to 6-ounce scoop weights that fit snugly around a decoy’s bill.

What can I use for decoy weights?

I use heavy tarred (black) nylon line (size 48 or 60), which is very strong and will not rot. I use slipknots to tie line to decoy keels and weights. (To keep the line from unraveling and to prevent the knot from slipping, tie a simple overhand knot in both ends of the line before tying the slipknots.)

Do decoys need weights?

In front of that blind is 14 feet deep with a moderate flow (less current than the other spot), and a rock bottom. 8oz minimum for duck decoys on 25 foot cords or they float downriver. Most of them are 12oz weights (concrete in cups). Goose decoys need 1.5lb weights or they float down river.

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What should I look for in a duck decoy?

One important thing to consider is depth. Most dabbling ducks are hunted with decoys set in just a couple of feet of water or less, so 3-foot lines work fine. If you’ll be hunting deeper water than that, use lines that are long enough to still allow your decoy good movement.

What duck decoys should I get?

Many people use a mix of mallards, black ducks, and pintails for their visibility and good pulling power. As far as the number of decoys to use, 12 to 24 puddle duck decoys is a good range for most people, with fewer than 18 being about right for a solo hunter to set up alone.

How long should I make my decoy line?

Line length for puddle-duck decoys should be 4 to 6 feet. For diver decoys in deep water, use 8 to 20-foot lines. Be sure to secure some lines at the head keel holes in some decoys (using a loop knot, or heavy-duty swivel), while securing others at the tail.

Can you use fishing line for duck decoys?

Stock up with decoy line and store it where it can be found when needed. When in need, and all duck hunters will be in need eventually, forgo using braided fishing line as a substitute.

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