Can you use 4 shot for geese?

Re: #4 steel for geese? Yes. Just take ethical shots. A nice dense even pattern of 4’s and the correct lead on a goose inside ~30 yards will stone them.

What shot do you use for geese?

If you get geese to come in very close you can use 2 shot or BB. However, if you are pass shooting at high flying geese then BBB or even T shot can be effective. In general, my recommendation is BB for most situations.

Can you use 3 shot for geese?

3’s will kill a goose easily if they are shot in the head and neck. A canada goose’s breast bone is extremly thick. I remeber one hunt where the birds were working in good and I was shooting them at under 20 yrds.

Is 4 shot good for snow geese?

Snow geese aren’t the toughest of birds, so cleanly harvesting them doesn’t require large shot sizes. I’ve even used #4 shot on snow geese that were decoying close and it worked perfectly fine.

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Is 2 shot good for goose?

190″) & HEVI-Shot #2 (. 150”) have exhibited the best all-around performance for taking geese; steel #3 (. … 130”) the best all-around performance for taking ducks; steel #2 & HEVI-Shot #4 (.

What choke should I use for geese?

For ducks and geese that are close, improved cylinder or even skeet constriction choke work well. If the birds are farther out, a modified choke tube is better.

Is T shot good for geese?

From early season to late season snow hunts, T shot has put the hurt on geese. We do not shoot many cripples but have experienced a few heart shots that dropped birds out 200 yards or so. T shot penetrates the fatty late season geese wherever you hit it. If you use BB you better be hoping for a head shot.

Is #9 shot good for home defense?

Birdshot is effective at short range because the shot acts like one big projectile before it has a chance to spread out too much. Birdshot is not effective for home defense because the small and light pellets won’t penetrate enough to stop a determined home invader.

Do you need 3.5 for geese?

It doesn’t take a 3.5″ to kill geese, but having the extra shot …. or driving it at a higher velocity, does provide an advantage on some shots … providing the gun patterns the shells well, of course.

What is the best goose load?

Here’s a list of 10 duck and goose loads that won’t fail you.

  • HeviX. HeviShot HeviX. …
  • Black Cloud TSS. Federal Black Cloud TSS. …
  • Federal Speed Shok. Federal Speed Shok. …
  • Boss Bismuth. Boss Bismuth. …
  • Remington Wingmaster HD. Remington Wingmaster HD. …
  • Winchester DryLok. Winchester DryLok. …
  • Kent Tungsten-Matrix. …
  • Backridge ITX.
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Do you need steel shot for snow geese?

Hunters should always use large shot for snow geese, with BB the smallest acceptable size and BBB, T and F very acceptable sizes. And steel shot is more than adequate to take down a snow goose at 68 yards in the sky.

What’s the difference between BB and BBB shot?

BB shot is . 18” inches. BBB shot is . … Then it jumps to T shot ,.

What is T size shot?

T shot is very large. It is used for goose and crane hunting. I personally like 3 inch #2s for duck hunting. I shoot a full choke for open water.

How far can you shoot geese?

For most shooters, the maximum effective range with a shotgun is between 35 and 40 yards. At that range, most nontoxic loads are lethal and effective, and the proximity doesn’t require the same skill with a shotgun that longer shots demand.

What is the best shot size for Turkey?

7 shot as the best shot size for turkey hunting. It is even prevalent in some areas to use the only No.

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