Can you shoot a jake turkey in Alabama?

“Also, hunters are only allowed to kill one turkey a day. This is not a huge problem in our area, but it is always good to remind hunters there are limits of kill and they should be followed. There are several hunting regulations that apply when turkey hunting.

Can you shoot Jake turkeys?

That’s right! In some states, it’s simply not legal to shoot a jake. … However, hunters 16 years of age and older are required to shoot an adult gobbler with a 6″ beard or longer. (Be sure to check your state regulations before pulling the trigger on any turkey.)

Is it illegal to kill a jake turkey?

You’re an inexperienced hunter, young or old, and a shortbeard is perfectly legal where you hunt. … You’re hunting fall turkeys and would rather kill a male bird than a legal either-sex hen.

(b) Nothing in this section is intended to prohibit the possession of rifles, shotgun/rifle combinations (drilling) or buckshot and slugs when the hunter is stalk hunting both deer and turkey provided no person shoots or attempts to shoot turkey with the rifle or shotgun using buckshot or slugs.

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Can you kill 2 turkeys a day in Alabama?

Hunters are allowed to harvest a total of five turkeys, gobblers only–one per day, during the combined fall and spring seasons.

How many turkeys can you kill a day in Alabama?

You can shoot one bird a day, and up to five combined for the spring and fall seasons. Mind you, again, few hunters have the skill or time to shoot that many Alabama birds – they’re just too tough – but it does let you keep hunting if you fill a tag.

Why is it bad to kill a jake turkey?

No biological reason exists on whether or not hunters should kill a jake. If a jake is taken legally, no biological backlash comes from harvesting that bird, other than reducing the potential of 2 year olds that could be in the area the following year (which can be a lot of fun to hunt).

How old is a jake turkey?

How old is a jake turkey? Generally, people define a jake turkey as a one-year-old bird. They can also sometimes be confused with hens in the field.

Can turkeys smell?

For starters, turkeys have a very weak sense of taste. Like most birds, they only have a couple hundred taste buds, which is about 9000 less than a human. This means turkeys have a pretty limited palette and are only able to sense flavors like sweet, sour, acid and bitter. Their sense of smell is equally weak.

What is a female turkey called?

Adult female turkeys are called hens.

Can female turkeys have beards?

Turkey Beards

Male turkeys, called gobblers – and some female turkeys, called hens – have beards. Only about 10 to 20 percent of hens grow beards, and it’s likely a genetic mutation, according to The beard’s function is not known with certainty, but it might influence mate selection by hens.

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How many does can you kill a year in Alabama?

Hunters can take three bucks per season, one of which must have at least four points an inch in length on one side. All antlered bucks taken in Barbour County must have a minimum of three points on one side, except during the statewide special youth deer hunting dates when any antlered buck can be taken.

What is the best caliber rifle for turkey hunting?

The best rifle for hunting turkey is actually a shotgun. A 12 gauge with 3″ magnum turkey specific loads is the most popular choice. You can bag a turkey with a 20 gauge or 410 but you’re going to have to get up close and personal to do so.

Is Turkey considered small game in Alabama?

In Alabama, Small Game includes all game animals and birds with the exception of deer and turkey. To hunt Small Game in Alabama, you must have the following: … IF hunting on a WMA, residents may possess a Wildlife Heritage License in lieu of a Small Game or All Game License. A WMA map permit is also required.

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