Can you hunt on TVA land in Tennessee?

Hunting and fishing are permitted on undeveloped TVA public lands in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, unless otherwise posted.

Can you turkey hunt TVA land?

Colbert County, in north Alabama, offers turkey and deer hunting areas, and there are 34,000 acres—much of that TVA land—in public lands. State officials say this is a good area for hunting small game, and there are also some nice deer taken during the season.

What public land can I hunt in Tennessee?

Other Public Hunting Lands

  • Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area & Obed Wild and Scenic River Special Regulations.
  • Fort Campbell Outdoor Recreation.
  • Holston Army Ammunition Plant – (423) 578-6276.
  • Milan Army Ammunition Plant.

Can you metal detect on TVA property?

In addition, the use of metal detectors on TVA public lands is strictly prohibited. … Pritchard reminds everyone that if you witness the looting of an archaeological site on TVA lands, or see someone using a metal detector, call the TVA Police toll-free at (855) 476-2489.

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Does TVA ever sell property?

TVA’s Land Policy governs the management of public lands to maximize public enjoyment, flood control, navigation, power production and economic growth. … TVA has already transferred or sold approximately 508,000 acres, the majority of which was transferred to other federal and state agencies for public uses.

Is it illegal to collect driftwood in Tennessee?

(3) Gathering or collecting for personal use reasonable quantities of natural products of a renewable nature including but not limited to fruits, berries, and driftwood is permitted; however, the gathering or collecting of such products for the purpose of commercial sale or other commercial use is prohibited.

Can you carry a gun on TVA land?

Possession and use of firearms and other weapons are permissible on undeveloped TVA public lands subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, unless otherwise posted.

How much of Tennessee is public land?

Tennessee is home to approximately 2.4 million acres of public land and waterways. These lands include national parks, wildlife refuges and forests, state parks and forests, and local parks. However, large areas of Tennessee have fewer than 10 recreational acres per person within a 75-minute drive.

Can you camp on WMA land in Tennessee?

It is the same as statewide seasons and does not require a special permit from the landowner, only the applicable TWRA hunting licenses and WMA permit. There is no camping at this WMA. Wildlife to Watch: Wild Turkey, White-tailed Deer, squirrel, rabbit, and other game species use this area and often seen.

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Where is the best hunting in Tennessee?

The dark green shaded counties have the most dense deer populations in Tennessee. Wayne and Hickman counties are the only two counties that meet both of these criteria. Wayne county had a harvest percentage rate of 2.4% and Hickman county had a harvest rate percentage of 2.1%.

Why is metal detecting illegal?

There are many, many laws in place to restrict metal detecting on federal land, and they are intended to protect national monuments, historical sites, Native American burial sites, American antiquities, and more.

Metal Detecting Laws in Tennessee

Metal detecting is not allowed in National Parks anywhere in the US, and in Tennessee it’s also forbidden in State Parks. In Tennessee National Forests, it is permitted in certain areas, primarily swimming beaches.

Where is the best place for metal detecting?

Our Top Places to Metal Detect

  1. Your Own Backyard. This is obvious – you don’t need permission. …
  2. Parks. Lots of people, lots of lost trinkets and coins. …
  3. Schools. …
  4. Sports Grounds & Fairgrounds. …
  5. Campgrounds, Scout Camps, Tourist Sites. …
  6. Fishing Areas. …
  7. Creeks, Rivers & Lakes. …
  8. Beach.


What is TVA zone4?

Zone 4: Natural Resource Conservation

Appropriate activities in this zone include hunting, timber management to promote forest health, wildlife observation and camping on undeveloped sites. Areas included are: TVA public land under easement, lease or license to other agencies for wildlife or forest management purposes.

Can you lease TVA land?

At the operator’s specific request, TVA will consider a 19-year lease or a longer term lease with GSA approval. Operators may apply for a new 30-year easement or a 19-year lease at any time. … However, in some instances, TVA may require a long-term agreement.

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What is TVA land in Alabama?

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is the nation’s largest public power company and a world-renowned regional development agency. It operates hydroelectric dams and coal-fired and nuclear power plants in northern Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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