Can you hunt in Alabama state parks?

State Park Special Opportunity Areas (SPSOAs) are properties where the Alabama State Parks is offering a new public hunting format, a limited quota (random draw permit, archery only). The SPSOAs hunts are a management tool used to reduce the deer population within the park boundaries.

Where can I hunt in Alabama?

The U. S. Forest Service has thousands of acres open to public hunting outside of the Alabama WMA system. These properties include significant tracts of land on Bankhead National Forest, Conecuh National Forest, Talladega National Forest, and Tuskegee National Forest.

Can you hunt Alabama state land?

This 8,127 acres hunting land provides the facility of public hunting, preservation, habitat restoration and recreation opportunities in the central region of Alabama state.

What can you hunt in Alabama?

Alabama hunters have an opportunity to hunt many species, including, white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, feral hogs, waterfowl, rabbits, squirrel, mourning doves, and many other species.

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Can you hunt at Oak Mountain State Park?

The park will offer bow hunting from November through early February. … Oak Mountain State Park serves as an example of how deer tend to multiply in numbers greater than the habitat can support, according to wildlife experts, unless controlled through regulated hunting.

Where is the best hunting in Alabama?

The Black Belt Region stretches across the central part of the state, from border to border, and is perhaps the best known hunting area in Alabama. It spans about 40 miles north and 40 miles south of Interstate 80. Historically, this region is the best trophy area in the state.

How do I start hunting in Alabama?

To hunt white-tailed deer in Alabama, residents, and non-residents must have the following:

  1. All Game Hunting License (unless exempt)
  2. Harvest Record (paper form or on the app)
  3. Wildlife Management License and map permit IF hunting on a WMA.
  4. If you harvest a deer, you have 48 hours to report it through Game Check.

Can you camp on public land in Alabama?

Free Camping in Alabama’s National Forests

This is primitive camping, aka boondocking. … Bankhead National Forest, dispersed camping is permitted throughout the forest. A free, designated campground named McDougle Hunt Camp also exists just outside of the Sipsey Wilderness.

What do I need to hunt WMA in Alabama?

The daily permit along with a map permit, and hunting license (or heritage license) are required to hunt small game. The daily permit along with a map permit, WMA license and hunting license are required for deer and turkey.

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How much of Alabama is public land?

The federal government owns 2.67 percent of Alabama’s total land, 871,232 acres out of 32,678,400 total acres. Alabama ranked 31st in the nation in federal land ownership.

How many does can you kill a year in Alabama?

Hunters can take three bucks per season, one of which must have at least four points an inch in length on one side. All antlered bucks taken in Barbour County must have a minimum of three points on one side, except during the statewide special youth deer hunting dates when any antlered buck can be taken.

Is it illegal to kill armadillos in Alabama?

It is often incorrectly recommended that landowners with wildlife damage issues simply trap the animal alive and then transport it away and release. While this advice is given with good intentions, this practice is illegal for most wildlife in Alabama.

Can you hunt turkeys all day in Alabama?

Hunt any game animal or bird with a gun or bow and arrow except during daylight hours, with the exception of those species with legal night time seasons. (220-2-. 07) Shoot or hunt a turkey from an elevated tree stand with a firearm.

What is Alabama Deer Management Unit?

The Deer Management Assistance Program (DMP) is a comprehensive program, consisting of data collection and cooperator education with which the WFF tries to put the landowner/cooperator in a better position to manage their lands for a healthy deer herd, while maintaining habitat integrity.

Can you hunt Lake Guntersville State Park?

Alabama’s largest lake contains 69,100 acres and stretches 75 miles from Nickajack Dam to Guntersville Dam. Free boat ramps and private marinas dot the lake’s perimeter. Fishing, boating, camping, hunting and eagle watching are popular sports in the area.

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Can you hunt in Cheaha State Park?

The Nubin Creek Trail is 4 miles in length. Wilderness camping and campfires are allowed in the Cheaha Wilderness, fire closures will be posted at trailheads during high fire periods. Hunting is also permitted during hunting season so hikers are advised to wear bright orange on their outer garments.

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