Are there bears in northeast Arkansas?

Before Arkansas was known as “The Natural State,” it was informally referred to as “The Bear State” because we had so many black bears. … Within the past month or so, people have spotted black bears in Fayetteville, Farmington, Ozark and in northeastern Arkansas where the famous Bruno the Bear was seen.

Are there bears in northern Arkansas?

Bears do not hibernate in Arkansas, but rather dig themselves back into rock formations and even down into large hollow trees, and spend the winter months sleeping. In the late spring and early summer they come out looking for food. … There are no grizzly bears in the wild in Arkansas.

Where do black bears live in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, black bear habitat is predominately found in the oak-hickory forests of the Interior Highlands and in bottomland hardwood forests of the Delta and Mississippi Alluvial Floodplains (Figure 2).

What kind of bears are in north Arkansas?

Male bears were involved in 92 percent of predatory attacks, and most of those attacks occurred in the wild. American black bears are the smallest of the three bear species found in North America, and they are found only in North America. Black bears are the only kind of bears in Arkansas.

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What counties in Arkansas have bears?

Whether you’re interested in hunting bears or simply spotting one, you can find black bears in Arkansas in three main areas: the Ozark Highlands area, the Ouachita National Forest, and the lower White River basin.

Are there wolves in Arkansas?

Red wolves historically roamed across the southeastern United States, but the center estimates the current red wolf population to be fewer than 100. In Arkansas, the center proposes reintroducing red wolves into portions of the Ouachita National Forest and the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest.

Are there mountain lions in Arkansas?

There is a breeding population of mountain lions in Arkansas, and since our ecosystem desperately needs to be rebalanced, they should put a hunting moratorium on the shooting of cougars with a $20,000 fine for a violation.

Are there alligators in Arkansas?

Fortunately, alligator populations in Arkansas have increased following twenty years of protection under the Federal Endangered Species Act. The waters of Arkansas Post National Memorial provide valuable habitat to over a dozen alligators, some of which are fourteen feet in length.

Where are the most alligators in Arkansas?

Two sites in Arkansas where alligators are common are Arkansas Post’s wetlands near Dumas (Arkansas County) and also the marshes of Millwood State Park, located near Ashdown (Little River County).

What dangerous animals live in Arkansas?

10 Terrifying Things In Arkansas That Can (And Just Might) Kill You

  • Wolf’s Bane. Wikipedia. …
  • Bear Attack. Wikipedia. …
  • Careless Hunters. Flickr/Jeff. …
  • Careless Drivers. Flickr/er24ems. …
  • Flash Floods. Wikipedia. …
  • Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes. Wikipedia. …
  • Timber Rattlesnakes. Wikipedia. …
  • Coral Snakes. Wikipedia.
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Are black bears dangerous to humans?

The number of black bear attacks on humans is higher than those of brown bears, though this is largely because black bears outnumber brown bears rather than being more aggressive. Compared to brown bear attacks, violent encounters with black bears rarely lead to serious injury and death.

Are there Bobcats in Arkansas?

Lynx rufus is native to North America including most of Mexico, the United States, and southern Canada. Ecology: Bobcats are found in many different types of habitats, including all of Arkansas. They prefer woodlands but are also found in swamps, deserts, and rugged mountain areas.

How common are bears in Arkansas?

“We need to know how many bears leave the population, how many bears com into the population. It’s checks and balances every year,” explained Myron Means, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Large Carnivore Coordinator. That data, applied across the state, concludes that Arkansas is home to just over 5,000 black bears.

Is there a bear season in Arkansas?

Arkansas’ hunting seasons offer the opportunity, along with bear, elk, turkey and deer seasons.

Arkansas Bear Seasons.

Archery Sept. 26-Nov. 30
Modern Gun Nov. 14-Dec. 6**
Youth Modern Gun Nov. 7-8

Are there bears in Russellville Arkansas?

RUSSELLVILLE, AR – State Game and Fish Commission officers have relocated a bear that had decided to explore part of Russellville. The bear was spotted in the city’s downtown at about 8:30 a.m. on Sunday and was also in a resident’s back yard. … Officials estimated that the male 130-pound bear is about two years old.

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How much is a bear tag in Arkansas?

Nonresident Annual All Game Hunting License (NBG)

Entitles the holder to hunt all game species, including bear, using modern gun, muzzleloader or archery. Valid through June 30. Six deer tags and two turkey tags are included with this license. $350; obtain online or through dealers, regional offices.

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