Are there bears in Cochrane Ontario?

The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat (CPBH) is the only captive bear facility in the world dedicated solely to polar bears. Adjacent to the CPBH is the Heritage Village. …

Are there polar bears in Timmins Ontario?

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She said Monday she was aware of at least eight polar bear encounters since December 2015 in places like Moose Factory, Kashechewan and Attawapiskat — all places that rarely see polar bears.

Is Cochrane Ontario Safe?

Cochrane is a safe community. Policed by the Ontario Provincial Police, we enjoy a very low crime rate relative to the rest of the province, particularly regarding violent crime where we are about half of the Provincial average; plus, at 95%, we’ve got a crime solve rate above the provincial average.

What is Cochrane Ontario known for?

Cochrane is the birthplace of NHL hall of famer Tim Horton. He grew up playing hockey in Cochrane and won four Stanley Cups with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Our recreational pool facility is well known across the north, and people from the region travel to Cochrane just to use it.

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What is it like to live in Cochrane Ontario?

Small town, big amenities. With some of the lowest property taxes in Northeastern Ontario, Cochrane provides the highest quality of northern living at competitive cost to the tax payer. … Cochrane truly understands how to provide the best of services at the most competitive of costs.

Do polar bears live in Ontario?

The Ontario population of polar bears can be found on the sea ice of Hudson Bay and James Bay from late fall until early summer. During the winter, polar bears roam widely over the sea ice and hunt Ringed and Bearded Seals.

Are grizzly bears in Ontario?

Grizzly Bears are not existent in Ontario. … One example of successful efforts (a model which Ontario could follow) is the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary located along the north coast of British Columbia, where Grizzly Bears enjoy 44,300 hectares (109,000 acres) of protected land.

What is Moosonee Ontario known for?

Moosonee (/ˌmuːsəˈniː/) is a town in northern Ontario, Canada, on the Moose River approximately 19 kilometres (12 mi) south of James Bay. It is considered to be “the Gateway to the Arctic” and has Ontario’s only saltwater port.

How old is Cochrane Ontario?

Established in 1908, Cochrane was named after the Honourable Francis Cochrane, the Ontario minister of Lands, Forests and Mines. Even though the town was destroyed by fire three times during its first eight years, it grew slowly but surely as a railway construction and repair centre.

Where is Cochrane Canada?

Cochrane /ˈkɒkrən/ is a town in the Canadian province of Alberta. The town is located 18 km (11 mi) west of the Calgary city limits along Highway 1A. Cochrane is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, and with a population of 34,467 in 2021, it is one of the largest towns in Alberta.

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Is Cochrane a town or city?

Cochrane is a town that is located in Alberta, Canada. It is the second largest in the province, and it is also one of the fastest growing in terms of population in the entire country. The town is located near Calgary and is part of the city’s census metropolitan area.

Is Disney coming to Canada?

Disney World Canada is coming to Cochrane. After years of behind-the-scenes negotiations, Disney has come to an agreement with The Town of Cochrane for Canada’s own Disney World. The theme park will see popular locations around Cochrane developed to accommodate the rides and attractions.

Where in Ontario is Kapuskasing?

Kapuskasing, town, Cochrane district, east-central Ontario, Canada. It lies along the Kapuskasing River.

Where does the Polar Bear Express go?

The day-long Polar Bear Express journey departs from Cochrane, Ontario, and is an inspirational tribute to railways and their storied history. One of the best Ontario attractions, the Polar Express gives travellers a unique and relaxing way to travel to the communities of Moosonee and Moose Factory.

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