Are red dots good for turkey hunting?

What is the best sight for turkey hunting? Well, turkey is a quick target acquisition hunting so, red dot sight or scope is good to go because of its both eyes open target shooting ability.

What is the best red dot sight for turkey hunting?

The 5 Best Red Dot Sight for Shotgun Turkey Hunting — Reviews 2021

  • Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope — Best Overall. …
  • BSA RD30 30mm Red Dot Sight — Best Value. …
  • Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight — Premium Choice. …
  • TRUGLO GOBBLE-STOPPER Turkey Hunting Dot Sight. …
  • TRUGLO 30mm Dual-Color Dot Sight.


Should I put a red dot on my turkey gun?

Red dot sights are especially useful when turkey hunting because of their eye-relief (the distance the eye is from sight). In the instance when a turkey appears in a direction you were not aiming, you can easily swing your shotgun over and sight the turkey almost immediately, due to the near parallax-free design.

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What is the best gauge for turkey hunting?

Best Shotgun Gauge for Turkey Hunting

The main thing to consider when choosing a shotgun for turkey hunting is confidence. You want to go with a shotgun you’re comfortable shooting with the right choke and load. A 12-gauge may shoot further than a 20-gauge, but the 20-gauge has less recoil.

Should I put a red dot on my shotgun?

Red dots facilitate both-eyes-open shooting. Additionally, because the head doesn’t need to be canted and tightly mashed down to view the optic as it often does for iron sights, the head can be held in a level, more-comfortable position where both eyes can look ahead naturally.

Which is better Vortex Viper or venom?

venom is 3 moa, so the red dot is smaller than the 6 moa viper. viper is better for pistol, red dot easier to see, especially in daylight, so target acquisition should be faster. (if you need take your time surgical shots on a piece of paper, the 3moa venom is better, covers less of the target).

Do you use scope for turkey hunting?

The more you practice shooting a turkey head target with a scope, the better you’ll going to get with it. … I also practice bringing the gun to my shoulder quickly and getting the shots off fast at a paper target. You need to learn as much as you can about shooting with a scope, before you go turkey hunting.

Are vortex red dots good?

I hope they do well.” They indeed did do well. They made a good product for a good price, and they supported it exceptionally well from the start. Most common of electronic sights are the “red dots,” and if you visit the Vortex web page and click on the “Red Dots” tab, you’ll see a good assortment of them.

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What temperature does turkey thermometer pop?

That’s because commercial turkey buttons are set to pop at 180 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, even though you should actually remove the turkey from the oven when it reaches 160 degrees F (then you temperature will continue rising as it rests on the counter, to the FDA-recommended 165 degrees Fahrenheit).

Is it worth putting a scope on a shotgun?

If you’re dealing with a moving target at a distance and firing with slugs, a riflescope on your shotgun will help you aim more accurately because of a greater level of magnification. When using buck shots, a rifle scope can work with your shotgun but will offer an unnecessarily high level of power and magnification.

Is 4 or 5 shot better for Turkey?

A good rule of thumb is to lean on the simple physics of heavier shot having more mass and carrying more energy down range, even beyond 40 yards where necessary, to get the job done on a spring gobbler. … 4s are larger and many turkey chokes extremely tight, some guns simply don’t pattern the larger shot very well.

How far can you kill a turkey with a 20 gauge?

The ammunition will be priced slightly lower, too. There is one disadvantage to hunting with a 20 gauge instead of a 12, and as you may have already guessed, it is effective range. You will have to work the bird about 10 yards closer—a maximum range of about 30 yards—to make a killing shot.

Is a 20 gauge enough for Turkey?

A look into breaking tradition by hunting turkey with a 20-gauge. Yes, yes, yes. … As a small-framed hunter, I’ve always been partial to the first gun I ever got as a kid, a 20-gauge Remington 870 pump youth model shotgun. Nevertheless, the hunters in my family were always 12-gauge this and 12-gauge that.

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What is better red dot or reflex?

A true red dot sight is a reflex sight enclosed in a tube. … Open sights are better for faster target acquisition and are more comfortable for aiming with both eyes open. Some shooters find that tube sights are generally more accurate than reflex sights at 50 yards and over.

How far are red dot scopes accurate?

How far is red dot accuracy? Red dot optics are best sighted in at 100 yards. Accuracy after 100 yards depends on the size of the target and scope design. Because red dots are non-magnifying scopes they are used for mid-range shooting.

Can a red dot sight be used at night?

A: Red dot sights work very well at night. One of their primary advantages is the fact that they are illuminated, so you aren’t stuck with black iron sights or a black optic reticle on a dark background. In darkness or low-light situations, having a variable intensity red dot sight is a big advantage.

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