Are crows a good sign when turkey hunting?

Fact is Crows will and do aggravate the Turkeys……but they aggravate ALL wildlife,and this hunter. If you hear crows ,there is a chance Turkeys are there,or a deer, or a dog,hawk ,etc.

Why do crows caw at turkeys?

Using the crow call to get a bird to gobble gives a hunter the advantage of knowing the bird’s location, without drawing the bird’s attention. A turkey will gobble to a crow in response to it, not because he is answering it like he does a turkey call. … With a crow call, the bird is gobbling in response to the sound.

Do turkeys like crows?

For some reason, crows like to drive turkeys nuts. … Sometimes, turkeys will gobble when the crows start screaming, and sometimes they won’t. However, I’ve learned to go to the crows, and I’ll often find a gobbler.

Are crow calls good for turkey hunting?

Crow: The crow call is another favorite among turkey hunters. However, it’s used at different times of the day and is a little more versatile than the owl hoot. While owl calls are primarily used at dawn and dusk, crow calls are used during the day to get birds to gobble.

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When should you crow a turkey?

If the owls are hooting and the turkeys aren’t gobbling, make a crow call. He definitely recommends using a crow call from midday on. For those states that allow all day hunting, they are especially good for the afternoon and early evening before the birds go on the roost.

Do crows kill baby turkeys?

Predators that prey on wild turkeys, particularly the young, include coyotes, bobcats, foxes, owls, hawks and others. Still more creatures will devour the eggs of wild turkeys in their nests — raccoons, snakes, skunks, crows, ravens, rodents and domestic dogs.

Do crows eat turkey eggs?

In addition to eggs taken from nests on the ground like wild turkey and Bobwhite quail nests, crows also eat eggs taken from open nests in trees like American robin nests.

What is the best call for Turkey?

A fly-down cackle is good call to tell a gobbler that a hen is on the ground. However, a fly-down cackle often works best if the gobbler is already on the ground before you call. Otherwise, the tom may stay on the roost; waiting for what he thinks is a hen turkey to come to him before he flies down.

Why do turkeys gobble at Owls?

Turkeys gobble at owls, crows and other loud noises in the spring due to their rise in testosterone level.

Why do turkeys respond to whistles?

It is a mating call and attracts the hens. Wild turkeys gobble at loud sounds and when they settle in for the night.

Do turkeys shock gobble at night?

When they are sitting on the roost, gobblers tend to be more vocal since they are safe from predators and because they are trying to find the rest of the flock. Timing is everything. In the evenings wait to shock gobble turkeys until the last half hour of daylight.

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Where do turkeys go the night before?

Scouting/Hunting Tip: Carry good binoculars to glass turkey movements as birds ease toward evening roost sites. Do this in the morning too as they move off. Walk slowly as you watch flocks at a distance. With any luck, you’ll spot them gather in field corners or hilly flats before winging skyward.

Does cold affect turkey hunting?

Turkeys are hardy and cold doesn’t affect them much. However, if bitter temperatures arrive after it’s been mild, turkeys may be quiet for a day or two as they adjust to the change. Much like hunters on cool mornings, turkeys prefer to sleep in and may delay flying down from the roost.

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